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    Default My next project

    My next project
    Disney's Haunted Mansion

    Hi there! As you all know, well not all... Few months ago I finished my Cinderella's Castle. Now I'm working on Disney's Haunted Mansion, the one from Florida. I'm such a Disney fan :B!
    Here are 2 pictures of the project:

    I could of done it in a Blackspore lot but I don't have SC... and never will... LOL.

    The real Haunted Mansion:

    Well that's all.
    Don't forget to visit my Cinderella Castle!

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    Default Re: My next project

    Very creative, very nice. :]

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    Default Re: My next project

    Nice! I really like Disney, too! I really like your Red Tower. Me and my friend go there all of the time. But people keep trying to kick us out of rooms when we're there first.....
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    Default Re: My next project

    I'll see this one too it looks fun!!
    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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    Default Re: My next project

    Oooh, I love the Haunted Mansion! I too am a Disney Fan! I've been waiting for my school field trip to Disney World for the last 7 years
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