Hey guys! Well I have finally finished a basic house that I was making earlier this week. I guess it came out okay It is in the housing directory listed as "Peaceful Seaside Home" by me, Sunray98.
It includes 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining area, a small family area, a fireplace, 1 master bedroom, and 2 pools.
It's pretty big in a way, and I hope you guys enjoy it! I also have a video posted on Youtube that shows the house. My Youtube name is Sunray98.

Also, I've already been asked this so I'll just put it here; To any video makers out there, you do have permission to use the house in stuff like a series, music video, or any random video at all! This house is for everyone to enjoy. I really hope you like it!

Like I said, the house is pretty basic. But there's a teleporter on the lot that leads you to a secret area. The area is just plain and simple as there is not much to it. But I hope you guys like the house!