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Title: Kyle's Helpful Tips to Build [Guide]

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    Default Kyle's Helpful Tips to Build [Guide]

    Hey my fellow friends!

    I am going to teach everyone how to build some awesome places and give you the confidence to be the creative player that you really are!

    Here you go!

    First things first, never give up on what you want to make no matter what! If you are having trouble with something that you want to make you always keep trying and never give up. Being a builder like me who builds ALL the time I like to try different things and I also like to be patient on what I do, I also always take my time to make things as perfect as possible for my friends to enjoy all of my places.

    If any of you have been building with just blocks I suggest trying something new like a house out of shelves or even a mixture of shelves, blocks, plants, or decorations, and all sorts of things to make an amazing lot and it can be anything you imagine.

    Keeping creative is a very important thing about being a builder.
    When I started playing Free Realms I immediately clicked on Housing and clicked on my Wilds House right away! and been building ever since.

    If any of you are familiar with the Alt and Control keys for moving Housing Items in certain ways that is a major help for people who would like to get items the way they want them to be placed. As for the Alt and Control keys I use that in all of my projects and it is good for making anything you want basically so if any of you have trouble along the way I suggest using that.

    Always try to make your blocks even and lined up as possible for nice detail. Getting things as perfect as can be is hard and very frustrating, please don't get yourself down if you get angry or sad if you can't get it the way you want it placed, always come back here if you need help or message me if you need help.

    I like Building with shelves more then blocks because it looks more realistic and it adds more fun looking at places like this and I see people go like WHOA! when they look at those type of places.

    How to build with shelves

    Building with shelves is fun and adds top detail! Now here we go! Place a block down on your lot (Raise it or keep it on the ground if you want) put the shelf down of your choice, raise it using "Up and Down Icon" while you do that use the Alt button to flip the shelf and have it point down an use another shelf and have it go up into the first shelf and you are on the start of a wall!

    "I will be giving more tips on how to build on this thread on Tuesday and I will make this thread a LONG one for all of you to get good info!"

    To be updated...
    ~ Building up a lot everyday ~

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    Default Re: Kyle's Helpful Tips to Build [Guide]

    Thanks! Please update this soon!

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