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Title: The Impassible Maze

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    Default The Impassible Maze

    I will apologize this isn't a rule, but it is a suggestion. I have been working on a GIGANTIC maze in my yard. This has no real point to it but if you are feeling up to a challenge visit, Awesome Amazing Tower, made by Jake Silverforce. It is still under construction, but it is currently two floors taking up about half of my Large Wilds House's yard. If you have any suggestions (There we go I knew there was something about suggestions here) for me to add to my house/maze feel free. Are you up for the Challenge?
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    Default Re: The Impassible Maze


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    Default Re: The Impassible Maze

    Whoo! Did It!

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    Default Re: The Impassible Maze

    Wow! That maze was awesome, my friend! XD I got lost for an hour or so, told a friend to help, she got lost, got another, he got lost, then one more and we were all doing it together. XD It was a lot of fun! Just running around no where, I loved it! I will defianty be coming back to do that again! I'm proud to say that I finished all the way through! Really good job on making it! <33
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