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    Default House veiwing reccomendations :D

    On a search for some awsome houses to explore? Well, I have a few top builder reccomendations for you to type in the housing directory!

    1. Henry Love - he builds a LOAD of amazing stuff on lots

    2. Chammy Pie - she made a magnificent church called Citadel

    3. Crystal Bluegem - and her fabulous hotel

    4. Natalie Claire - Made a GREAT MALL called Modern Gates - search Free Realms Modern Gates on youtube for a commercial about it.

    5. Emma Springchampion - she makes pretty random but awsome stuff on her lots.

    I'll keep updating the top builders!

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    Default Re: House veiwing reccomendations :D

    Hi, i actually have a list too of super HOT, FLY, CREATIVE, POPULAR, and COOL homes. Alright here they are. (and they are not in order)...
    1.) Nengel- chateau divertissante
    2.) Kaden Skycliff- Lone island lot
    3.) Megnesium
    4.) Any VIP home
    5.) Allan Coperhand- Peaceful seaside home
    6.) Henry Love
    7.) And if you have time please send me and friend request and check out my Merry Vale lot which will be done shortly. In the game my name is Ivy Ravenmask.

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