Anyone hear of Henry Flamebreath, Well if you don't know him he is a awesome builder (like myself) anyway... He has a 10 story high hotel and he named it "The Sky Hotel" and guess what it has a VIP room and I bought it for the guild <Insiders> but ppl can't find it then I turned into a GPS person then ppl followed the ppl I was navagating sooo...... sorry got off topic anywayyyy but now he has three buildings well two of them are empty but they all have elevators now so I don't half to take the stair to the VIP room now and that make me happy. later I will put a couple of pictures of the whole lot oh and did I forget he has a gaint toilet ,a stage and six jackpot plants at the entrance so you get 300 coins everyday to pay for a room at "The Sky Hotel"

Don't forget to add Henry Flamebreath in Free Realms