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    Default Help I need 100,000 coins for...

    does anyone have 100,000 coins I can use for a new projects I'm starting called "Project Fun and Living "

    This project is for new things coming soon in my lot and heres a list below.

    2 story high bounce house

    Luxury hotel

    Slide to the ground

    redoing the Ben Realm sign

    and more coming soon!!!!

    check back here next week to see more ideas!!!!!!!!!

    P.s don't forget to leave a message to see if you can donate some coin.
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    Default Re: Help I need 100,000 coins for...

    well I have a contest set up giving away 100,000 coins. You could win. (Money Giveaway Contest)
    Huh? I see that you aren't "Undercover". Well grab a mustache and join the fun!

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