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    Icon3 Gigantic Things!

    Ok so I am starting in my house to build big things I already built this awesome scooter that everyone loves! I also built A huge swing hanging from my tree! I asked one of my friends what should I build next and the swing came to be! If you could leave some replies and tell me what I should build next! Someone told me on free realms to do a big cheese block I was going to but I dont have that much money cuz cheese blocks cost a lot of money. I see alot of people building ferris wheels but I want to go extreme! Since I have enough money I might just build a haunted house with spiders and some big monsters and some trees and all! Just leave some replies and I will think about it.

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    Default Re: Gigantic Things!

    You should make a gigantic castle or flower. A flower would probably be more simple. Also, if you are able to spend SC on blocks, a ghost would be very cool!
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    Default Re: Gigantic Things!

    I know! Godzilla attacking Tokyo!


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    Default Re: Gigantic Things!

    This is an old thread. >.>

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