On February 28th 2012, I shall be launching a guild called Free Realms Suggestion Council!
This guild looks for suggestions and complaints and sends them to Referees if the request sounds important or has been mentioned by many players. People can also make appointments with the staff if they want to discuss a certain issue/problem about free realms. The guild head quarter pictures will be posted sometime in January and the only thing I'll be doing for now is recruiting people to join the guild. I'll try to update every day in the Christmas break but when school starts I'll only be available on weekends and late Tuesday's.

Here's the list of staff available (will try to update daily):

American Ambassadors - 15 spaces left
English Ambassadors - 10 spaces left
French Ambassadors - 10 spaces left
Spanish Ambassadors - 10 spaces left
Other Ambassadors of places - 15 spaces left

You can be promoted to senior ambassador or head of ambassadors for hard work!

*Ambassadors are basically workers for their timezone so no free realms player misses out

If you are interested in a job post your in game name, why you want to help and your experiences on this thread. If you just want to wish good luck, go ahead

Our Motto: Our mission is to make you happy!

Doctor Raven