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    Hello, I'm trying to design a sophisticated (but still fun) mansion. I'm not very good at designing, so i'm calling in help. Anyone can submit a design, but I will choose the best and only they will be payed 50k! If I don't find a good enough entry by 4/11, I will have to just figure it out for myself. Here are the details:
    • I have a large wilds house
    • My budget is 200k
    • You must have a list of everything I need to buy, only from the coin shop
    • You will only be giving me a blue print, I will be making it real
    • ONLY the winning blueprint will be paid
    • I'd like it if the main house-part could be expanded a little (just a thought)
    • The main color scheme is accented neutral
    • The mansion must include a large pool with a WOOD deck and a bar, a second floor inside with a wooden staircase (i'd like it to go up around a corner), a mega dancefloor (already bought), an oasis (also already bought), a sleek and fancy kitchen, a sitting room, a master bathroom, a dining hall, a personal office (a little closed off from the rest for privacy), a master bedroom, a stage with seating outside, and fancy lighting.
    • Something must be up in the tree
    • I want it to be sophisticated-looking, not chaotic
    • When you have the bluepring and list of supplies, PM it to me- do NOT post it here

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