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    Default Snow Days Are Back!

    That's right, you heard me! Snow Days are back!

    Early this morning, Free Realms added the Snow Days quests, like Candi Ivy, giving you the right to get a special gift from under the tree!

    candy ivy.jpg

    Speaking of Snow Days, the big tree (where you get all of your gifts) has become a Free Realms attraction like it always does this time of year. It started becoming an attraction a couple days ago when Snow Days SC items came into the SC shop again.

    snow days tree2.jpg

    In the SC Shop this year is the usual; a candy corn outfit (girls), a snowman outfit, gingerbread man outfit (everbody), gingerbread girl outfit (girls), Snowflake the Unicorn, penguin outfit, holiday lights flair shard, ornamental flair shard, and a snowball creator! In the coin shop, you have the Christmas tree, garland, a wreath, and stockings!

    Coin Shop
    SC Shop
    SC Snow.PNG

    The other trees in Snowhill also have lights! And some even have presents!

    It also looks like a small glitch has happened with the barrels in Snowhill since Snow Days came.

    I hope you enjoy Snow Days!
    ~Katlyn Oakdream
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    Default Re: Snow Days Are Back!

    Imma gonna enjoy Snow Days SO much!
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: Snow Days Are Back!

    Sounds Cool!!!!
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