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    Default Skeleton Bones and Goblin groans. Poems for Halloweem ( PLZ READ! TOTALLY SPOOKY)

    Welcome, Everyone, Gouls and Boys, To the Spookiest, Scariest, Halloween Poems from the book Skeleton bones and Goblin groans!

    what should i be

    I've got to chose a costume
    Tomorrow's halloween
    I think ill be the spookiest
    ghost you've ever seen.


    a prickly pirate
    alien from space

    fearless cowboy
    detective on the case

    a baseball player
    lion tamer
    mummy wrapped up tight

    wise old wizard
    goblin for a night

    whatever i decide to be
    (monster, hero, beast)
    i want to get an early start
    collecting all the treats

    trick and treat
    a spider walks on its web on a dark halloween night
    a fly buzzes by and drops in for a bite

    halloween wish

    wish i may
    wish i might
    see a skeleton tonight
    walking tall
    with bones
    of white
    dancing in
    the pale
    wish i may
    wish i might
    have my wish
    come true

    Dinner Dilmma
    Here come the trick or treaters
    a knockin' at my door--
    just in time for me to dine
    on two or three.... or four
    should i boil them with potatoes
    make kid fricassee or stew
    shish kebabs or oven roast
    whatever shall i do
    but when i open up my doot
    i fear they will have fled
    then i guess have to eat
    some tuna fish instead

    House for sale!

    Two fireplaces. Eat-in-kitchen.
    Atmoshpere you'll find bewitchin'.
    Lots of bedrooms. Space galore.
    Slightly creay hardwood floors.
    walk-in closets you can fill
    stunning view atop a hill.
    asking price is very good.
    in a loveky neighborhood
    all in all, just what you wanted
    ( By the way, this house is haunted)

    The Vampire
    till sundown
    black silk cape
    mouth agape
    sharp white teeth
    seeks relief
    from his ghoulish thirst.

    Late at night
    he takes a bite.....

    he climbs inside,
    pulls shut
    the coffin door
    almost dawn
    a dark red yawn
    then day begins once more.

    A witch's favorite day By: a witch
    i only come out at night
    beacause i'm such a fright
    this sadly is a plight--
    except on halloween.

    then people see me and smile
    they say " that witch has style "
    they chat with me a while--
    only on halloween

    " how did you do your hair? "
    " That mole's beyond compare! "
    " Your skin's so green and fair "
    Oh, i love halloween!

    Too soon that day is through
    the hours are too few
    so when i'm feeling blue--
    i think of halloween

    A broomstick's life: For my witch by a broom

    Cooped up in this closet
    in the dark and in the dust
    i count the days till halloween--
    i feel like i might bust
    when that days arrives at last
    i knock upon the door
    hooray! my witch, she sets me free
    i dance around the floor
    with a hop she climbs aboard
    we zoom across the sky
    round the moon and back again
    we fly-- my witch and i

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