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Title: pack of month

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    Default pack of month

    about what time do we get our members only monthly packs like maby its different everytime?? but idk

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    Default Re: pack of month

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    Default Re: pack of month

    Normally you get them right at the end of that month,or a few days into the month after that

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    Default Re: pack of month

    As you would know, The 'Back to School' Event has just started last week. This means that you get the monthly pack and 250 SC. This event started on the !5th of September;and from what I've heard, its going to be the 15th of every month until December( I think )
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    Default Re: pack of month

    You get it on the day you first entered the TCG as a member

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    Default Re: pack of month

    you get them when you have been a member for 30 days.

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    Default Re: pack of month

    when it's Halloween or something what do you usually get from the monthly packs?

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