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    Icon4 New Year's Party Postponed!

    I'm very sorry to report that my computer had issues at the wrong time. So, the New Year's Eve Party will be moved to January 6, 2012. It will no longer be a New Year's EVE Party; It will be a New Year's Party.

    ANYONE can come! Members to non-members.
    This party will be on January 6, 2012!
    January 6 is a FRIDAY.
    So a lot of you reading this should be able to come!

    The party will start at 5:30PM EST Time.
    We will meet at Wugachug, right at the stage!
    We'll hang out there while dancing, and talking until 6:00PM EST Time, just to wait for everyone who wanted to come to arrive.
    At 6:05PM, we will then head on over to my Elegant Condo, and hang out there until 7:45PM EST Time. During this time, the party will be filled with dancing, talking, concerts, and anything you WANT!
    At 7:50PM EST Time, we will then head on over to Highroad Hijinx, and get past the gate! Then, we'll make the long trip to the dojo in Seaside, and hang out there until 8:50PM EST Time. It will also be filled with dancing and talking.
    At 9:00PM EST Time, we will then port to my Bizarre Apartment, to take pictures! At my Bizarre Apartment, I have a green screen, so I'll add something behind you when I take the picture! You wonder how this will work? Actually, YOU will take a screenshot of your character, facing the screen and making sure you're in front of the green screen. Then, upload it as a thread to Style and Clothing, titling your thread New Year's Eve Party GS. Then, I'll save it and edit them!
    At 10:00PM EST Time, we'll head on back to my Elegant Condo, and hang out there again until 11:00PM EST Time.
    Finally, at 11:00PM EST Time to midnight, we'll be at Snowhill, dancing and chatting next to Big J's and Mr Twinkle's skate shop!
    At midnight, the party will end. Some of you will get a treat from me. How will it work? Once everyone RSVPs, I'll write everyone's name down, and then pick one out of a hat, and that person will get the treat. Only 25 people will get a treat. If you're lucky, you'll be one of those people!

    I can't wait to see you all there!
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