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    Default New Birthday items.......


    Ii've been looking & cant seem to find one, but is there a "master list" of ALL the new items (balloon hats, weapons, cakes shirts etc) I would love to have a checklist of the actual weapons, hats & colors they come in. With out even realizing I missed a few items with Valentines day beacause I was unaware of the different cors & stuff.

    So if anyone knows what is all out there, please let me know.

    Thanks so much!


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    Default Re: New Birthday items.......

    I don;t know of any master lists as of yet. Hopefully someone might come up with one.

    So far I only know of rwo balloon hats, have not checked the shops carefully for those yet have just got them as rewards.

    There seems to be shirts for each area, a variety of fireworks, balloon packs for houses, and some of those are in coin shop, some with customizable colors, two different shards one from SC shop, and one from members pack. and I am sure I am missing some items, like candles, and cupcakes, etc....

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    Default Re: New Birthday items.......

    I like balloon weapons . But this weapons are not enough....

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