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    Default Mayhem Thanksgiving Feast

    Heya People of the Realms!!

    I am hosting a <Mystic Mayhem> themed Thanksgiving Feast/Party!!
    I am hoping everyone will attend and can make it!!

    Host: Kendal Bluegem (me)
    When: On Thanksgiving Of Course!!
    What Time: 5:00 PM EST Time
    Where: Kendal Bluegem's <Mystic Mayhem> Guild House
    Why: To show all of the Realms how much we can eat and Party all at once!! LOL.

    Extra Detail:
    When were here at this events, I have rules you will need to follow...

    1. Please Do not /yell Trading/Selling Ads.
    - I really don' want my whole Thanksgiving party to be a Trade Party. LOL

    2. Respect The Host and Others
    - Any reports of Rudeness or Disrespect, you will be asked to Leave the party ASAP. If you do not do so, I will have to report you to SOE themselve.

    3. HAVE FUN!!!!!

    -- You may Add me IG if you would like to come and Port to my Party!!

    Thanks for you time for reading this!!


    ~Kendal Bluegem~

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    Default Re: Mayhem Thanksgiving Feast

    I will come

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    Default Re: Mayhem Thanksgiving Feast

    I can try, but no promises from me. Sounds fun though x]
    I love you Toxicccc Candys (As a really good friend) and I know that you quit, but you will always be in my heart <3

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