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    Default Free Realms Fall Season Dance Party! Hosted by Blacksmith Brix.

    Sunday, November 4th, 6:50 PM Join Blacksmith Brix, any many more to come at the Free Realms Fall Season Dance Party!
    We will be enjoying the Autumn as it continues to get colder until it gets to Winter. Autumn is so lovely with the colorful leaves falling, and what better a time to have a dance party, specially themed for the season!
    This is a note of the location for the Free Realms Fall Season Dance Party:
    "This event will be hosted in Sanctuary in the center of the streets close to the "Dress Shop". It's the perfect time to have a seasonal party for Autumn, isn't it?"
    That will be all, I am so excited to see You all there, and hope that you all will love it, and have a great time enjoying the Autumn pass by.
    Oh, and one more thing, have fun or else the Non-Fun Enforcing Police will arrest You for not having fun.
    Just kidding, haha!

    EDIT: Wrong thread lol
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