Ok, this is only available in the Birthday Bash.

You go to Sal Monella in Blackspore Swamp. Click the quest called Mystery Meat Mystery.

Sal tells you he needs Mystery Meat and to go find some from other chefs. Go around to all the people he tells you to ask. (If you dont know where they are just click 'take me there' in the quest bar) At the end, Sal tells you to spread the bad news. It doesn't tell you who. You have to go to Camellia in Sanctuary. She is located right in the middle, just below the Royal Palace. When you tell her, you have finished the quest and now own a birthday party hat.

So that's all for now! So far the birthday bash is great. If you want, come find me. My name in the game is Alayna Shadowspy. I also need donations for my beach hotel. Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped.