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    Icon7 Daily Birthday Quests...

    Here are the Daily Birthday Quests I have found so far...

    Camellia in Sanctuary party area... Getting a cup cake

    Flitter at the Sanctuary post office ... Receive birthday invitations

    Quills at Sanctuary I think it is town hall? ... Balloon trading

    Helga in Sanctuary across from insiders rock ... Harvesting

    Any of the Chefs... Cook three Crispy Choychoy

    General Glowlight ... Just west of post office Sanctuary... Defeat Cakenstein (the battle where you get the balloon weapons.

    Commander Kiggle ... opposite side of building General Glowlight is at .. Take down Cakenstein... the one that wander around (so far this one seems repeatable as many times as you want to get it)

    Please let me know if there are any I missed!

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    Default Re: Daily Birthday Quests...

    Wow nice guide congratz on the sticky too

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    Default Re: Daily Birthday Quests...

    Slight note to add - for the Helping the Local Chef quest (cook 3 Crispy Choychoy Delights), you don't need to actually cook them, just have them. I've tried it myself and it worked. I also can't seem to be able to receive the quest from anyone but the original chef I'd helped.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: Daily Birthday Quests...

    Camellia's cup cake is daily repeatable I think.

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