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    Default Community Event: Graveyard Dance - Halloween

    Blackspore is one of the creepiest places in all of Free Realms. It’s got dark swamps, gravestones as far as the eye can see and it’s crawling with ghosts. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a party!
    Grab your favorite costumes and head to the graveyard in Blackspore for our Graveyard Dance! Everyone will be there to rattle some bones and scare away ghosts with our own scary costumes!

    Thursday April 8th, 2010
    3pm Pacific Time
    (U.S. and Latin America)
    Server 1
    9:00am Pacific Time / 6:00pm GMT
    (UK and Europe)
    Server 1
    It will be a terrifyingly good time. Don’t miss it!
    You can get to all of our Community events by using the Game Guide on your toolbar.
    1: Click the Game Guide button.
    2: Click the Calendar Button.
    3: Click a day on the calendar to see what events are happening that day!
    4: When an event is starting, click the GO button to be teleported directly to the fun.

    Hi. My name is Very Epic. I have a pet dino, a castle lot, (still making), two rides, (Snowball and surfboard), and yeah.

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    Default Re: Community Event: Graveyard Dance - Halloween

    This was already posted here too: Community Event: Graveyard Dance!

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Community Event: Graveyard Dance - Halloween

    They're a little late, are they not?

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