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    Default Zee Kath and her Ninja Cat :3


    I have a large imagination. A few of my friends on FR know that I like cupcakes and I have an obsession with doors, and my worst enemy is a towel that keeps messing with doors (Er, on Free Realms. In the actual world I'm a bit more sane )
    My avatar is Katheryne Goldstones, usually with a Chatdy shirt and her beanie-and-goggles. If you EVER see me, chances are I'm meekly following a friend, or going to Memorial Caverns, or just running around pretending I'm on this big mission quest thingy with my ninja kitty, Chance, at my side. I'm not afraid to be silly in front of a new person (for example, jumping on top of a group of people and saying "I LIKE CUPCAKES" then dashing away to jump on them again. True story o_O)
    If I make an enemy of someone, I'm not one to hold grudges. I won't try to bring a "disagreement" up in front of my enemy, nor will I try to make them feel bad. I MAAAAAYYY try to subtly insult them, but who wouldn't?

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    Default Re: Zee Kath and her Ninja Cat :3

    Hahaha, I'm all for subtly insulting people. You seem like my kind of person. Welcome to FRI!

    IGN: Surrah
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    Default Re: Zee Kath and her Ninja Cat :3

    Welcome to FRI!
    Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.


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