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Title: Whazzap?

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    Default Whazzap?

    Heya! What's up? I'we been playing free realms from beta, but i discovered FRI before 6 or 7 months. I had no idea where should i introduce myself, until i found this forum. So, my IGN is Bruce Newbolt, and i LOVE free realms (is it too obvious?).
    IGN:Bruce Newbolt

    Royal Elite, Sacred Grove special undercover forces.

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    Default Re: Whazzap?

    (: 'ello Bruce, I'm Whitney snowblade in game so.. :3 I'm Whitney or Jack
    I also love Free realms Lol I wouldn't be here if I did not ;P
    I started FR in 2009, quit and really started early 2010 and didnt find out about this place until 6 months later

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    Default Re: Whazzap?

    Hello IG im Amber Snowheart and i have been with Free Realms for 3 years Joined free realms 05-15-2009 and joined Free Realms Insider about 2 years later (aug 2011)
    Proud to be myself

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    Default Re: Whazzap?

    i have no idea when i joined FreeRealms or FreeRealmsInsider, BUT I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

    XboxLive Gamertag: beastin billy

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    Default Re: Whazzap?

    lol Welcome to FRI! hope you have fun here

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