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    Hey there how's it going? I'm Tommy0327. I have some threads and blogs here on FRI so feel free to check them out! The links are down below. I'm the writer of Rebellion In Free Realms (RIFR)™! I love to write and I also love history! My favorite online game is Free Realms. I am a teacher at Wugachug School (Made by Katlyn Oakdream!) I'm an officer in the TigerFilms guild and am also on their site.

    My story Rebellion In Free Realms™
    Rebellion in Free Realms (RIFR)™

    Application for my story Rebellion In Free Realms™
    Job application!

    "Tommy's Trade"
    Tommy's Trading

    The Timeline of Free Realms
    The History of Free Realms! Will it happen again?

    Hope you enjoy my threads also here's one of my sources for Free Realms info and my profile

    My sourcce is "ZAM"
    ZAM Free Realms :: An FR Community and Wiki Site

    Tommy0327's (my) Profile Page

    Here's an In Game (IG) picture of my main profile Amit Amberknight!

    Amit Amberknight Dojo.jpg

    Catch ya' In Game (IG)!
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    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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