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Title: Old player :D

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    Icon11 Old player :D

    HELLO EVERYONE....MY IGN is sheryl wildheart, I've been playing free realms since the first time it was released .. but i just joined Free realms insider few days ago.. I'm still playing it LOL, sometimes i feel like i need to stop playing it coz I'm getting old for it hehe but nah! free realms is MY LIFE no one can stop me, u know what i mean LOL
    And when i reach the requirement for joining the insiders guild, i will surely going to join

    A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
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    Default Re: Old player :D

    Hi! Welcome to FRI! Also, if you want to join a FR site guild, MM is probably better, since the guild is inactive.
    I hardly call this place perfect. But I'm a mess, who can't handle any friendship without ruining it and has no one to turn to now.
    I belong right here, and I'm not moving. Ever again.

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    Default Re: Old player :D

    Hi w3ndy (: Welcome to FRI!
    We are so glad to have you here ♥Ahli
    IGN: Ahliadre

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    Default Re: Old player :D

    Hello Wendy!
    My name is Kay-chan, and I really hope you like it here!
    This site has gone inactive for the most part, but for the people who are still here are living life to the fullest!
    Please read the FRI site rules so you can have a wonderful time here (you know, without getting in trouble...)

    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Old player :D

    Heya Wendy, welcome to FRI! If you need any help to get around here, I am always here.

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    Default Re: Old player :D

    hey there Welcome to FRI! - As an Insider member myself, I, honestly and hope this doesn't hurt others, would not recommend joining Insiders, basically due to the lack of activity in the guild, and here on the site. Just my opinion... Welcome again!
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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