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    stephsmom98 Guest

    Default New Here with Questions, comments

    New to this forum, but I usually hang out at WebkinzInsider. Great site! I have 11 Webkinz and my daughter has 10. We also have one Kookey and one Shining Star. I also have an account at Millsberry, Build-A-Bearville, My e-pets, Nabisco World, and Polly Pocket.

    I have a few questions and comments. I was on Build-A Bearville and got an account, but I don't have a bear. Can I do anything on the site without the code?

    With Club Penguin, can you play games or do anything there without paying the fee?

    Does anyone go on Polly Pocket and think it is cool? Where do you get the pets? Do you like the site if you go on it and buy the pets?

    With Shining Star, I think this is true, but am not sure. Do you have to buy a certain number of pets before getting to play the cool games there? If so, I think that is a rip off. All you have to do is buy one Webkinz and you get to play any of the games there.

    And with Kookeys, I find the site a bit annoying. You don't get much clothes or food to choose from. The pet walks funny and when you put it to bed, it sleeps upside down, not on the pillow. I can't move from one location to another easily either. It gets stuck at one location and I have to log out and log back in. With things in the backpack and furniture, how do you move the furniture around the room? Once I place it, I don't know how to change it. It doesn't move with arrows like on Webkinz. I find I have two kitchens in the house and no bedrooms. Can't you buy bath type stuff here or even give your pet a bath? I think the site is a bit hard to maneuverer and it doesn't work as it should. If you have a kookey, do you like it? Do you like the games there? They are different than Webkinz and some are cooler, but I think the Ganz site is much more professional. What do you all think?

    Thanks for taking time reading and answering my questions. Hello to all. I think virtual pets are neat. :worshippy:

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    Default Re: New Here with Questions, comments

    Hey Stephsmom -- welcome to VPI. I'll see if I can answer a few of your questions.

    On Build-a-Bearville you can play lots of games, buy clothes, and change your hairstyle without registering a bear. You do not get a condo to furnish, and you are not able to do the quests without a bear. There are several games that you cannot play until you have a bear registered, but right now I can't remember which ones they were. I know you need a bear for the pie eating contest and for Bearrific Drummers -- but there are still games to play without a bear. I really like Build-a-Bearville -- fantastic graphics and I like Photo Safari and Words fur the Birds. You might want to check out the blog that Freya started just for Buildabearville. It's

    Club Penguin you can play all the games without a membership -- wander around and you will find quite a few. You get a small igloo and you can buy up to 2 puffles for pets. You can buy backgrounds for you ID --- you can hunt for the free collectable pins that change every 2 weeks -- and you can become a secret agent and do the secret missions. I love the secret missions. You cannot upgrade your igloo and you cannot buy clothes or furniture without a membership. I find the Club Penguin Gang web page a good way to find out what's going on. It's

    Moving furniture in Kookeys --- There is a Use box and an Edit box on the bottom of your screen when you are in your room. Click the Edit box and it will give you a pop up screen that will let you move the furniture arround or remove it from the room.

    Be patient with Kookeys. I think it will be a good site eventually. They were obviously not ready when they opened the site and fixing glitches has been their main focus since they opened the site in Dec. We have seen a lot of furniture added --- but I still can't buy pants for my frog -- and there are only 5 shirts in the shop. We get updates from 10Vox on this site and one of their staff visits to check things out and keep us posted.

    Hope this helps.
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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: New Here with Questions, comments

    Steph'sMom Welcome to VPI! Bearlover says it all! We were just updated by 10Vox this week that they're working hard on fixing all the glitches this month and should be coming out with lots of surprises, upgrades and new releases in the month of February. It may take time but don't give up.

    Bearlover, thanks for sharing the buildabearvilleblog address, I'll have to check out that club penguin one too!

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    stephsmom98 Guest

    Default Re: New Here with Questions, comments

    Thanks guys. You have been so very helpful. I will keep looking forward to when Kookeys gets their kinks worked out. It does look like a neat site. And it is good to know you can do certain things at Club Penguin and Build a Bearville. Lots of fun. Thanks for the welcome. I will enjoy it here and hopefully more virtual pet lovers will stop by.

    Also, does anyone know about Shining Stars? Do you have to have so many pets to play all the games? Thanks.

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    Default Re: New Here with Questions, comments

    Hey stephsmom! Welcome to VPI. No, I do not think you need 'X' amount of pets to be able to play all the games.

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