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Title: Meet Pom!

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Meet Pom!

    Hi Everyone! I'm here to introduce Pom! She's been a very helpful member at WI and a big part of the Employment Office thread ~ and she's come to join us in Kooland!

    Please help me in welcoming Pom to VPI and Kooland!

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    kitten1462's Avatar
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    Nov 2007

    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Welcome Pom! Glad to see you here in Kooland!
    Welcome to the Wonderful land of Narnia! Only a wardrobe away! Please visit my blog! It needs cool peeps like you! LOL Here is a link:

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    Pom Guest

    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    OH!!! So this is what you meant when you said you introduced me.

    I'm a little slow on the uptake I guess. Thanks for the welcome.

    I'm overly chatty and I'm sure I'll break out of Baby Kookeys mode as soon as we get back from the grocery store. I have to be able to pretend I got something (other than playing on the computer) done today. > I hate not being able to edit my own posts. Does that come with 50 posts here like it does on WI?

    I'll post more of a hello later.

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    Alidog96 Guest

    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Welcome Pom! I hope u like it here! Just 2 let u know it's really quite here, unlike wi, so maybe u'll get the party started! Ha ha lol!

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    Pom Guest

    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Hi all. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 darling daughters. The older one is the dino addict who got a Brachiosaurus for Christmas. She wanted to name it Samantha but that was taken so she is Tree Star Samantha. Wish I'd seen that info about name length sooner because she just shows up as Tree Star... but then I did kind of forsee that and tried to talk her into Samantha Tree Star but she wouldn't go for that.

    I'm kind of embarassed but I was trying to delay the purchase of the Castle she wants and talked her into trading up a house today so I could explore a new neighborhood. We now have a temporary home in Koolinary Grove. kitten1462 was right. The only difference is one game changed in the arcade. I like the mosquito game less than the archery one.

    I had read the thread saying the Castle is too big and I don't plan on buying her 20 Kookeys to fill it up... wish she would settle for the Gingerbread which has a more modest square footage... but she loves that castle. She did like the idea of a pool though and at the moment it doesn't imply that the castle has that option... but then it's only a promise in Kooverly Hills right now I guess... Will they have to pay for a cute pool boy to maintain it?

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    Ellen Guest

    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Hey Pom! Hope you like it here. It's nice and quiet.

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    Uppies's Avatar
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    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Welcome POM!

    Glad to see you here on VPI.

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    Claire Goldenbeach's Avatar
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    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Hi Pom! So glad you decided to join us here.

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    Pom Guest

    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Thanks for the Welcomes. Definitely a smaller community here. Still a lot to figure out. Once Kookeys starts working out some of the glitches more people will have it recommended to them and I think VPI will take off. I'm still trying to get my friends hooked on Webkinz. >

    My one friend's daughter opted for a Shining Stars instead because she saw them at her neighborhood grocery store. We have one of those (the gorgeous blue dragon) and 5 registered and 3-5 unregistered Webkinz (2 likely to arrive in the next week or two from my mom - a late Christmas gift). I definitely think Webkinz has more going for it at the moment but Kookeys has those cool places to visit on the map that seem cool and mysterious at this point.

    I actually think that's what this week's survey is about. Elubin's survey of his visitors shows that that is the most popular thing his group of WW users wants - more places to visit. I know the Academy and Charm Forest were new in 2007 and I agree I'd love to see more of that, but I love the idea of a Clubhouse/meeting place at the lake in KooLand or visiting the beach, mountain or volcano. I can't wait to see the rumored dinosaur decorating theme.

    I would love to see them increase the font at KooCollege - way too small on my monitor at least. Would love to see them correct the house prices on the guide. My only other big frustration is that we have trouble navigating when we want to go from the Arcade to anywhere other than our room. Is there an easy way to get the list back?

    It's funny but we read the Kookeys Story on the home page and loved it but I noticed they refered to dragons but not dinosaurs. I guess they felt that Shining Stars had filled that niche that Ganz and the other Virtual Pets had left out. Dinos were missing and I'm glad they chose dinos to replace dragons. My dd loves both though she loves dinosaurs more passionately.

    This site (and me) need more posts. I might break this up later and post different pieces of it in other areas. Thanks for providing this Forum. I'm really looking forward to watching KooLand grow. (Speak of growing does anyone know what the field to the right of the city is on the map?)

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    Kali Spiritglen's Avatar
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    Default Re: Meet Pom!

    Pom - I was able to get the list back when I clicked on the map up in the corner and then clicked on the smaller cream colored building in Kooland. I could also click on the Kollege and get there, but from there I had to go back to my room. But then I hit a glitch and could not get back to the arcade, so I logged off. I'm sure navigation will be easier when the glitches are all corrected .

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