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Title: im back!! XD

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    Default im back!! XD

    idk if you guys remember me so...
    happy halloween! If you could update
    me on whats happened sense december,
    then that would be great!

    Also please click this link
    You go Glen Coco

    check out my shop

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    Default Re: im back!! XD

    Welcome back!
    SOE just released a combiner ride called S.M.A.C.M. (You have to collect all the rides to combine S.M.A.C.M.)
    New Spooktacular stuff has arrived. Such as, Undead Nightmare, Dragonfire Broomstick ect. Also Precursor Energy Blade, Black Cat T-Shirt and a whole lot other stuff by Player Studio.
    I think December's Monthly Member Pack was 2 pets. One was a flying eyeball & the other was a toe.

    Hope I helped. Baii c(:
    "Why bother?"

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    Default Re: im back!! XD

    Welcome back, hun. Hope you stay!

    h a n n a h 2 3 8

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