Hey what's up. I'm Gavin.

I code java c++ on a regular basis and I love to mess around with lua.
I play a variety of games from shooting games to mmos, and I love art.

I stopped playing free realms about a year ago, but now I feel that I should really pay it a visit again.
My oldest free realms character is three years old, going on four.

My IGN is Toxic Fume, which sounds very silly if you think about it, i'll probably be buying a name change style card soon.

And it's funny because I used to think I knew how much my items would cost, but now they have risen off the charts.

If you don't know what java c++ is then purhaps I should give you a lesson some time!
Let's start right here,

static void main (string[] args)
system.out.println("I hope you enjoyed this lesson")

Now since i've left it seems that FRI has gained quite the community so i'm sure i'll have a lot of you to meet.