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Title: Hiya!

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    Kat_Chipmunk Guest

    Default Hiya!

    Some of you might know me as Blackie_Lab2003 from Webkinz Insider. (I'm the creator of "Share a Meow With Kat and the Webkinz".)

    The reason for my name, "Kat_Chipmunk", is that my name is Kat, and last night at the Black Friday sale at Walgreens, my little brother decided to skip Webkinz and buy a few Beanie Babies. He picked up a Beanie Babies 2.0, a Chipmunk, and I still don't think he knows that it's a BB2.0. (He's autistic.)

    So, I thought I might as well see if I can snatch that tag, and make myself a BB2.0 account, and join VPI.

    So until I find that that Chipmunk, I'll see you guys around.


    Well, I don't know how to edit posts, but my mom claims that he DIDN'T get that chipmunk, but I swear! He did!

    Well, I'll continue searching, and I'll see you guys around.

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    Default Re: Hiya!

    Hello Kat!
    It's good to have you here. You may see alot of familiar faces from WI.

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    Kat_Chipmunk Guest

    Default Re: Hiya!

    Aww, thanks!

    Good to be here.

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    Default Re: Hiya!

    Hey! Welcome to VPI! There's tons of great people here!

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    Default Re: Hiya!

    Yes, Welcome to VPI! and i'm sure you'll see some familar people here too!

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    Kat_Chipmunk Guest

    Default Re: Hiya!

    Thanks, both of you!

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    Default Re: Hiya!

    Welcome Kat! Glad to have you here on VPI

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    Default Re: Hiya!

    Hey there, Kat! You most likely know me as KKF from WI. I can't exactly say anything like 'hope you enjoy this site as much as i do' or something like that, because I JUST joined, lol. Well...erm...welcome!

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    Default Re: Hiya!

    Welcome to VPI! I'm really new here too.
    Hi everyone!

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