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Title: Hi there...

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    Default Hi there...

    Hey all!

    It's been quite a while that i play FR (since beta), but only recently i started searching for fan sites, communities and all that lovely stuff. From what i found so far, FRI is probably the best one around (frequent updates and hopefully a friendly community).

    Well, my MMO carreer is not that big. I only played Maple Story and Age of Conan before. And now Free Realms. Not much free time on my side, but FR has that casual feeling which doesn't require huge amounts of time to keep track of things. And a lot of friendly people to communicate with. For these and a couple of other reasons, i love FR and i intend to stay here for quite some time.

    You can find me as Soadien in the game and my jobs are as below for now...
    20lvl - Brawler, Card Duellist, Ninja, Pet Trainer, Postman
    18lvl - Adventurer, Chef
    17lvl - Miner
    01lvl - Demo Driver, Kart Racer (be sure that after the update, this will change )

    Haven't got a membership yet, cause i want to see first how SOE plans to support the game. The recent updates look promising and as soon as i'm done with the free content, i'll probably pass on the other side.

    Btw, i may be one of the older "kids" around here, only... 26 years on my back.

    That's all... Keep it up, everyone!

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    Default Re: Hi there...

    Hi Soad!! glad to find someone else in my age group!!! your 3 years older though lol Anyways welcome to FRI!!!

    Hope to see you in game soon!

    Be yourself.. Imitation is Suicide!

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    Default Re: Hi there...

    Heya Soad! welcome to free realms insider

    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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    Default Re: Hi there...

    Welcome to FRI Soad!

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Hi there...

    Helo an welcome to insider

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    Default Re: Hi there...

    Welcome to FRI, hope you make yourself at home. :3
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    Default Re: Hi there...

    Welcome to FRI Soadien!!
    IGN: Chris Blazingsea
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