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Title: Hi I'm Toni

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    Icon11 Hi I'm Toni

    Hi I'm Toni! I've been on insiders for awile and don't have much friends. Please send me a request! And play my game here on the forums to 1000 ways to get kicked out of wallmart its easy just post your own ways! thanks!

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Toni

    Hey Toni!! I will send you a request to be my friend. Anyway, I have seen your game but never participated in it. I love all the ideas!!! And also...WELCOME TO FRI!!
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    Default Re: Hi I'm Toni

    Welcome to FRI! I played your Walmart game Thanks for making up such great ways to share!!

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Toni

    Hello Toni! I will add you ask a friend today.

    Sayonara Free Realms.
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    Default Re: Hi I'm Toni

    Hi Toni! Welcome to Free Realms Insider!
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    Default Re: Hi I'm Toni

    Hi Toni,

    Welcome to FRI.
    That kitty looks dangerous. Never turn your back on punk kittys.
    Hope to see you IG soon.
    Layla Littlenymph <Mystic Mayhem>, Lolita Litlenymph <Nymphs of Mania>, Wednesday Addamsfamily <Insiders>

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