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Title: Hi I'm Sagwah

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    Default Hi I'm Sagwah

    My kid showed me FreeRealms and was hoping I'd be willing to group up because the Cray Cave was proving a bit difficult. Little did my kid know that I've been into RPGs since that old computer game King's Quest and the D&D "gold box" series so of course I was happy to play along.

    My main character is named after the Lost Boy from "Hook" - not a band. Until I was asked what my favorite song was,I had no idea Rufio was a band at all. Guess I'm showing my age a little there.

    I also have a second character, Gypsyrose Spidersquisher. They wouldn't let me have "Spiderslayer" as her surname, but squisher is fine. That character is named after my cat (who has a taste for arachnid) and is generally the one I play with the kidlets, as Rufio quickly got high levels in the melee classes, which irritated the kids. They haven't figured out yet that sometimes a high level wizard or archer is useful in the lower level dungeons.

    I've been getting the biggest kick out of the miner and chef jobs, as I'm also an old school Tetris player. I had no idea you could make it to almost level 15 in chef without really following the questline LOL!

    Hmm, about it for me, really. I tend to hang out on Server 2 for no good reason other than I like the number.
    Rufio - Generally Around, looking lost.
    GypsyRose SpiderSquisher - Found where-ever there are spiders to squish!
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    Default Re: Hi I'm Sagwah

    Hiya Rufio! thanks for introducing yourself. I love the movie hook.

    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Sagwah

    Hi there! I'm not an old time RPG game player, but I'm enjoying this one very much. Nice to meet you. The name's BearlyCat. One character only (for a while anyway).

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Sagwah

    Hello! Welcome aboard lol This is my first real online game. Ive addicted and just started group battling saturday night. It was a blast. Feel free to look for me Ive been trying to keep to servers 1 & 2

    Be yourself.. Imitation is Suicide!

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Sagwah

    Hey Rufio, welcome to Frinsider! You'll fit in fine here!

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Sagwah

    Welcome to Free Realms Insider!

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