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Title: Hi, Im Pink

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    Jan 2012

    Icon7 Hi, Im Pink

    Hi im Pink Pannther, I just joined fri
    Ive been playing fr for a long time, even though i just became a member recently.
    So yeah lol

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    Oct 2010

    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    Welcome to FRI! Always great to have new members. (:
    If I post in your shop please send me a PM when you respond. Otherwise, it is unlikely that I will remember to check back.
    IGN: Rore

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    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    Hai Pink! So you're new to FRI, but not to FR. Great to see a new person here, have fun!

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    Feb 2010

    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    Hey welcome if you need help with some stuff ask me or older members or just other members. Enjoy your time , and if you want to talk to me just call me Dan or Danny.
    Still here and still around

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    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    Heya Pink ^ ^! I'm Tiffany (or Tiff, or Tif, or Tweety, or Tiffy... so on x]) Welcome to FRI Hope you have a fun time here! If you want to friend me in game its Tiffany Darkhoop x] Wheeee have fun
    I love you Toxicccc Candys (As a really good friend) and I know that you quit, but you will always be in my heart <3

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    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    HIA PINK! OOH I've always wanted to meet someone named Pink....*thinks a bit* OH! I'm Kat btw! I like meeting new peeps all the time! Cause I get to make welcome cookies and cupcakes! Here take some! *gives welcome cupcakes and cookies* oh and I made a welcome mat *puts down a welcome mat for Pink* WELCOME! If you have questions just ask Kat by shooting her a visitor message (vm) by clicking me name!
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    Welcome to FRI.
    Glad you finally found us.
    Layla Littlenymph <Mystic Mayhem>, Lolita Litlenymph <Nymphs of Mania>, Wednesday Addamsfamily <Insiders>

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    Default Re: Hi, Im Pink

    Heya Pink, and nice to meet you, I hope you have a good time while you're here.

    Believe and Achieve

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