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    pugsloy Guest

    Default Hi, I'm new here.

    Hellos to everyone. I just joined and will sign up my kookey very soon.
    Looking forward to fun in kooland!!

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    Kali Spiritglen's Avatar
    Kali Spiritglen is offline Amateur Gamer
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    Nov 2007

    Default Re: Hi, I'm new here.

    Welcome pugsloy! We're glad to have you here.

    What type of Kookey did you get? Have you decided on a name for it yet?

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    Godgirl98 Guest

    Default Re: Hi, I'm new here.

    Welcome!Have fun on VPI!And I can't wait for kookies to open too!!Just like everybody else!

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    Hunter Guest

    Default Re: Hi, I'm new here.

    welcome to vpi!

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