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Title: Hi Im Natalie

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    Default Hi Im Natalie

    Hi! I'm Natalie! And I just adore Free Realms! It is an amazing site and do hope that everyone on it enjoys playing it, If you have any problems, ask me, I know loads about Free realms! I'm a level 20 and I will help you level up if you need it, Im kind and caring and I would never betray a friend, especially such a good one like Sara2343, she helped me when I got scammed, she got everything back, even losing her stuff to get it, she's still a fantastic friend to have! I hope you can get a friend as nice as her, and If you see anything bad, please report! And this has been the first paragraph about me! Bye!

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    Default Re: Hi Im Natalie

    Welcome Natalie. Hope you have fun here.

    1st Generation Free Realmer
    3rd Generation Insider

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    Default Re: Hi Im Natalie

    Welcome Natalie!! Hope you feel just as welcome here as I did on my first day!!

    True story!

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    Default Re: Hi Im Natalie

    Welcome Natalie! I hope you have fun here! FRI Is full of nice, trustworthy people. You shall have so much fun here, I guarantee!

    "Keep me close, keep me close.
    Keep my head above
    I need to hear your voice

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    Default Re: Hi Im Natalie

    Welcome to FRI.
    I hope you find new friends here that can compare to the one you already have.
    See ya round the Realms.
    Layla Littlenymph <Mystic Mayhem>, Lolita Litlenymph <Nymphs of Mania>, Wednesday Addamsfamily <Insiders>

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    Default Re: Hi Im Natalie

    Heya Natalie Welcome to the fam Have fun around here!!!

    My adventure ends here.

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    Default Re: Hi Im Natalie

    Heyyyyyy Welcome to Free Realms Insider! Its a really fun place, and as you can see, There are tons of nice people here! I hope you enjoy your time here!
    See ya around!
    Ign: Nóva

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