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Title: Hi, I'm Lei:)

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    Default Hi, I'm Lei:)


    I used to play Free Realms a LOT in its early days, but then I got bored of it...Since I'm on spring break and it is raining nonstop, I decided to boot up FR! :] It seems like a lot of the people I used to know quit as well, so I don't really know anyone anymore. So hi!
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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Lei:)

    Hey Leighten! Your name sounds familiar.... You were probably my friend from a while back. I had several name changes on my main character (Twilight1 Fan, Zoey704, Fearless Dreamer). I'm actually on my alt right now. You can add my alt if you want, Tori Radiantflare. At 7:00 PM EST I'm usually on my main, Fearless Dreamer. Anyways, WELCOME!!
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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Lei:)

    Yay Lei!!!! It me halle It been awhile since you been on! You can add me back ig. IGN: Izzy Diamondheart55.

    Sayonara Free Realms.
    I can be found on DC Universe Online. IGN - Suya
    I can also be found here.

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Lei:)

    Hey there lei. Im Camila. If your looking for a friend on free realms you can add me (: My Ign i Camila Sky. Also welcome back!
    Im not pretty, Im not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.
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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Lei:)

    Hello and welcome to FRI!

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Lei:)

    Hiya the names barren and i love pancakes!!!!!! mmmm....

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Lei:)

    Welcome to FRI Lei, I hope you enjoy the site and have fun back in Free Realms.

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