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    Default Hi, I'm Laylanai!

    Hello Guys! I'm Laylanai! I'm sure some of you have seen me trading around the site, But I didn't introduce myself, I'm sorry about that.
    You can call me Layla for Short, I also like Nai or Lay. Whatever you like is fine. If you haven't noticed I LOVE trading. I also LOVE making outfits too. I have a lot of Best Friends, But my absolute
    Best Friend FOREVER is Melissã. Shes so fun, And Nice and Giving. So yeah, ADD HER !!!!

    Also to clear up some things if you were wondering. If you were in the Realms and you say like, 675,465,667,344 Laylana's, I'm sorry.
    The original Lay was Laylana, And then her friend wanted to be twinzies and made her name Laylani. I asked if We could be the Three Musketeers, So Then Laylana gave me the suggestion Laylanai. I really liked it. And from then it was us three. But then There was a Laylania and Laylaina. One of those too changed their name, And Idk what happened to the other one. So sorry if you're tired of seeing "Lays" around the Realms, The original 3 Me, Laylana and Laylani are trying to handle this, So dont have it bother you.

    If you have any questions please PM me, and I'll try my best to answer them !

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Laylanai!

    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    Have a marvelous time.

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Laylanai!

    Welcome to FRI!

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Laylanai!

    Welcome to the board

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Laylanai!

    Hello tcg player which I can never beat
    Also you will go perfect in this site because all of it is trading

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    Default Re: Hi, I'm Laylanai!

    Welcome to the forums. We are glad to have you here
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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