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    Icon6 hi i am jessica

    hi i am jessicaflowerpetal. i joined freerealms on the advice of another thread, I love webkinz and webkinzinsider but i now love freerealmsinsider as well!! i think i enjoy the brawler the most. after a few hours i decided i needed to be a paying member. well as you can see i tend to babble, but i wanted to say hi and i hope to meet some of you online

    ps. i am kewljlmommy on WI with penni

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    Default Re: hi i am jessica

    Hello Jessica! I'm so happy you joined us.. the brawler is a lot of fun. Have you tried the ninja job? You may enjoy that too

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    Default Re: hi i am jessica

    Hi Jessica! Welcome! I too came from WI! i looove the ninja job.. but honestly all the combat jobs are awesome

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    Default Re: hi i am jessica

    Hiya! Welcome to FRI! It's great to have you here!

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    Default Re: hi i am jessica

    Hello Jessica, Welcome to FRI!~ ^.~
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    Default Re: hi i am jessica

    Hi! Welcome! I enjoy brawler best, too.

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