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Title: Hi everyone

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    Default Hi everyone

    I'm bearlover - previously of WI and VPI. I had moved on to ToonTown with the grandsons and still play that one. Have made lots of adult friends on TT.

    Anyway, Justin, sent out that info on switching VPI or FRI and I just had to check it out. I am very impressed with FreeRealms, I just wish I had a good PC. I am a mac user trying to use Parallels and as a result I play an odd game of Free Realms. I can't see any of the typing!

    My journal is blank, the names and amounts of things I collect are missing, the labels on buttons to log out etc are gone. I have done a few quests by trial and error, but I can't see instructions when you talk to the person giving you the quest. So advancing in the game will be very frustrating if not impossible.

    All that said, I love Free Realms. The graphics are very impressive - I like the quest idea and the collecting. Don't think I will be much of a fighter, but the other jobs are fun. I will follow your progress and enjoy hearing about what is going on in Free Realms.

    I just wanted to stop in and say "Hi"

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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Hello Bearlover! I heard there is a mac version in the works, hopefully they will get that out sooner rather then later. You would think in this day and age everyone would release simultaneously the mac & PC version of every game!

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    Default Re: Hi everyone

    Welcome to Free Realms Insider!

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