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Title: Hi!

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    Nov 2011

    Icon11 Hi!

    I'm new here
    I'm kind of shy
    I can't be mean even if I try to

    And I love to draw

    What about you?

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Hai =D Welcome to FRI (:
    I have a few things in common with ya xD

    1) I'm shy too =D
    2) I can't be mean either xD Only to my older brother :3
    3) I love to draw! o:

    I hope ya enjoy it here ^.^
    IGN: Jaiyden

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    Default Re: Hi!

    I'm new here ME TOO! Kind of =D
    I'm kind of shy I'm not shy xD I am a little bit TOO out-going xD
    I can't be mean even if I try to I think mean, I don't do mean (;
    And I love to draw Me too!
    Lílly Faithblossoms

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Well, Hello there! No need to be shy! C'mon out of that shy shell and breathe in fresh air! I was shy once too, so I know how it is to be shy. I still am a little shy but back to you, most people here are nice and theres no need to be shy!
    I can't be mean no matter how much I try! People will just laugh and say ''Dude, you just can't be mean, deal with it'' So it's very difficult for me to be mean.
    I can't draw but I always love to try! I won't be like a drawing freak and spend 3 hours in a corner drawing...just maybe anywhere from 10-30 minutes working at a simple little sketch!

    Well it's very nice to meet you! Hope you have a good time here at Insiders!
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Ello! Welcome to FRI. In RL I'm shy but not online. Sometimes I think mean, rarely do mean -only if you get on my bad side.-,and I love to draw -even though I suck at it lol-.
    Social Media -> Instagram and Twitter: Jaeko9 Steam: Jaeko9 -I basically sit in the shadows and no one pays attention to me.​-

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Hello and nice to meet you Crush, I hope you have a good time while you're here.

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    Default Re: Hi!

    Hey! I was new here too, not long ago. I'm not shy, VERY outgoing. I can't be mean, and I love to draw too Have fun and WELCOME

    All that I know is I don't know
    How to be something you miss.

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