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    Default Hey There! I'm Ellis!

    Hey there, everyone! Name's Ellis, and I think it's short enough to slide without a nickname for now. I've been lurkin' around the internet for a while now and I've come across this site thanks to a mishap in searchin' for somethin' Nick wanted. Anyway, a bit about me, right? Well, name's Ellis, like the colors blue 'n yellow, and I'm somewhat into gamin', though I don't own many games at the moment since my computer ain't the best. Nick ain't very happy that I got the internet workin' again, so I guess that's all for my 'intro'.. Probably not the most interestin' one you've read, so maybe I'll tell ya about this one time when my buddy Keith and I made fireworks. Also might tell ya some nice stories 'bout Nick if he ain't watchin.. Oops, Zombie, gotta go!


    Hi everyone! My username's Ellis, like the one from Left 4 Dead 2. Yeah, one of my favorite things right now.. Sure to change soon, though. The person who recommended this nice site to me is Adorableness, one of my favorite people in the world ^^.. Anyway, you can give me nicknames that you think would fit, but nothing too weird, 'kay? As you can see, I enjoy creating little 'introductions' and such for characters that I like, and I, of course, have a 'canon' for each of them. Anywho, my favorite color is actually red and I enjoy cosplay, watching anime, chatting with friends, roleplaying, anything of that nature, really. So.. If you actually read this far, I praise you. By the way, "IC" means "In Character" and "OOC" means "Out of Character", if you weren't aware. I'd also like to start a little ask-blog-like-thing on here, but you guys would have to tell me if you'd want that/how to actually do it 'properly'.

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    Default Re: Hey There! I'm Ellis!

    Welcome to the site Ellis! ^^

    I see your a role-player. We should role-play sometimes. That be interesting. : D

    Anyways, have an amazing time here on Insiders!

    Sayonara Free Realms.
    I can be found on DC Universe Online. IGN - Suya
    I can also be found here.

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