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Title: HEY PPLZ! O.O

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    Default HEY PPLZ! O.O

    What's happening pplz of free realms insider! I need an sc teal beret in free realms. So,if you have one I will give you my sc colored beret and skates! they are sc colored to! and for black skinnys I will give my white skinnys and sc white flip flops for them! thxs so much
    - Hailey

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    Default Re: HEY PPLZ! O.O

    Hello Hailey!

    This thread you posted is under the wrong section, this should be under the section "The Free Market". When you get 8 more posts you will be able to post in that section of FRI.

    Welcome to FRI! I hope you enjoy your stay and make sure to follow the rules to ensure a happy and pleasant stay here with us!

    Feel free to add me in game, my name is Meoni!

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    Default Re: HEY PPLZ! O.O

    Breaking the rules on day 1? You will fit right in here.

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