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Title: Hey, people!

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    Nov 2011

    Icon11 Hey, people!

    Hey I'm Frixxon, I just joined Free Realms Insider. Here's some completely pointless facts about me!
    Ima girl
    I play the electric guitar and the drums
    My music tastes are My Chemical Romance, The All-American Rejects, Jessie J, and Alicia Keys.
    I am freakishly obsessed with My Chemical Romance
    I'm a level 16 Archer, and level 19 Adventurer in FR
    I'm in hip-hop dance class( even though i hate rap and pop music )
    My favorite movies are Life On The Murder Scene, Mall Cop,and A Series Of Unfortunate Events.
    My favorite websites are Ficwad, (Fanfiction website I post stories on!) Free Realms, and YouTube.
    My favorite video games are Mario Kart Wii( I've played that one for 8 hours straight once ), Sims 3 Pets, Super Mario Galaxy.
    I've made a Free Realms music video for Lady GaGa's Paper Gangsta *shudder* and posted it on YouTube, and you can find the trailer here. Free Realms Preview Lady GaGa Paper Gangsta - YouTube
    That's it....byee! -Frixxon

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    Default Re: Hey, people!

    Welcome to FRI, Frixxon! (: If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    If I post in your shop please send me a PM when you respond. Otherwise, it is unlikely that I will remember to check back.
    IGN: Rore

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    Default Re: Hey, people!

    Hello and nice to meet you Frixxon. I hope you have a nice time while you're here with us.

    Believe and Achieve

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    Default Re: Hey, people!

    Hiya! Welcome to this amazing website! Well I have a question...They make Series of Unfortunate Events movies? o.o That would save my time! I tried reading them last year I got to the 20th book..I think..then I got bored o.o
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: Hey, people!

    Welcome and yup there are movies

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