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Title: hey im nick!

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    lilhiphoper Guest

    hey im nick!

    hey everyone im nick and im really new? what do i do, how do i get an avvie or siggie, and how do i do things around here?

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    faeoori Guest

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    Have you been on any other sites like this one (i.e. Alot of them work pretty much the same. I know I don't have an avitar or siggy (mostly because I am too lazy >.>) but I can explain in further detail if needed.

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    glamorousgirl Guest

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    Hi these is just like WI it is webkinzinsider if you don't know please ask me again

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    Rowan Guest

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    Hi Lilhiphoper! Welcome. You can start by introducing yourself at the Hi I'm Joe place. You can get there quickly by clicking HERE. then just hit 'New Thread' then write your name in the title and a little about yourself in the content/text box - no personal information though, no name (username is ok of course), no hometown or age.

    To get started on an avatar select User CP, then User Control Panel in the drop down menu then 'Edit Avatar' in the left hand column.

    For a more advanced avatar we also have a whole section devoted to member's creations. Click Here then choose a thread, jump on and ask for help.

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    lilhiphoper Guest

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    hey everyone thanks im already a member on wi but this is sorta diffrent!

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    Karen Guest

    Default Re: hey im nick!

    Hi, so nice to see you here. Enjoy.

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