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    Default Hey, Im Hayley :)

    Well hello there.
    I have a few questions

    1. I'm new here. What is some fun stuff to do?
    2. Is there something like a Daily Chat Tread?

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    Default Re: Hey, Im Hayley :)

    Welcome to Free Realms Insider, Hayley.

    1.) You can join in the various discussion and chat threads here. There are quite a lot of interesting things to talk about at this site.

    2.) I know there is, but it's barely used at all. Even I forgot where it is. If you join the Insiders guild after meeting the requirements, there is also a chat thread for the guild members.
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    Default Re: Hey, Im Hayley :)

    Hi Hayley,

    Welcome to FRI.

    1. Are you new to FRI only, or to FR as well? As Ari pointed out, the primary activity here at FRI is thread participation. Just look through the various forums untill you find one that appeals to you. As for FR itself, We could devote an entire thread to that subject alone. My favorite part of FR is the TCG.

    2. The daily thread here is pretty random (if it still exists). There are two forums in the forum directory you might enjoy. One is for any and all things FR related. The other is for non FR related chatter. Just look through the directory and you will see them.
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    Default Re: Hey, Im Hayley :)

    Welcome to FRI!! Happy Holidays!

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