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Title: Hey! I'm AJ!

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    Default Hey! I'm AJ!

    My IG name is Alyss Kingsly. I'd sure like to meet a lot of you!

    I've been playing FR for as long as I can remember. Basically, I think when it was first created. I remember the Pet Trainer job. It was pretty cool! And the Royal Vault too. I sadly can't remember how you got tickets though.

    But I can't wait to meet you!
    Don't be shy and drop me a line!
    IGN: Alïce

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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    Hi thereeeee (: I'm Claire, I'm beyond annoying, I don't understand seafood, I have no particular taste in music so I listen to it all, and I love drawing in real life. I don't want to blind innocent people with my attempts at online drawings xD Lovely to meet you, you seem very nice and I look foward to seeing ya around (;

    "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments..." -Deuteronomy 7:9

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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    Hia! Imma Kat! Welcome to FRI! By the way Claire is NOT annoying she's fun and energetic! Anyways I hope to see you ign soon! *hands a plate of welcome cookies* Enjoy em! If ya want more stop by me profile give me a visitor message and in that message our secret code to give you cookies is Be bop oh bob Kat is amazing!
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    Hi! Welcome to Insiders! I'm Steph, and if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me!! (:

    Free Realms Player 2009-2014 ~ FR Youtuber since Oct. 2012
    The FR community was always the best one <3

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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    Hi AJ! You seem like a pretty cool person!! I've played Free Realms when I saw a commercial of it back in '09 or 2010. I also remember the Pet Trainer job, it was my favorite job! And I also remember the Royal Vault too. If I remember correctly you got tickets from quests. I miss it. ): Anyway, nice to meet you!!
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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    Hello AJ, and nice to meet you. I hope you have a sweet time while you're here with us.

    Believe and Achieve

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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    William Ionsea
    Server?All! <The Legendary Gleam Council> Maxed jobs:All!

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    Default Re: Hey! I'm AJ!

    I just got an Email from the "Anonymous And By I Quote Aj.

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