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Title: Herro :3

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    Default Herro :3

    Hey everyone! I'm Sunray98 I'm pretty new to FRI. I have an account on both the official forums and on the Mystic Mayhem site. Some of you might know me while others might not. This place seems so cool! And the contests are GREAT! I really wanna join a contest that includes SC :O I'm in neeeeed. x]
    Anyway, may I please have an introduction of yourself?

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    Default Re: Herro :3

    Hello Sunny! I am Austin Rubyspear IG anyway, Sorry but you recently missed an opportunity to get some SC Also, when I saw your thread name I instantly thought of my alter ego HERO. (( I have many. )) Welcome to FRI! I hope you have fun!
    FR IGN:Austin Rubyspear. Faithful Brony.
    Minecraft ID:K45D2. Virtous Paragon.

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    Default Re: Herro :3

    Hello! Welcome to FRI

    Don't worry, we will have more contests in the future, with more SC!

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    Default Re: Herro :3

    Hai there.

    We have already met IG and on the other forums.
    Welcome to FRI.
    Layla Littlenymph <Mystic Mayhem>, Lolita Litlenymph <Nymphs of Mania>, Wednesday Addamsfamily <Insiders>

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    Default Re: Herro :3

    Hello and nice to meet you Sunny. I hope you have fun while you're here with us.

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