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Title: Hellur.

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    Default Hellur.

    Hi. I've been in this community before and have been playing FR before. I was a character named Delovely, i was in the guild Arathi but left because i got accepted in the Insiders guild as well. Then i completely forgot my account info, so i just waved that account good bye. I also have an alt account named Delovely1, but i forgot the info for that too. Yeah, it really sucked. I had all kinds of neat things, my jobs were almost maxed i think? It's been quite awhile, about a year or so. I really miss those accounts. When that happened i just went straight to Steam and have been on there gaming ever since. Still am. Some people here might remember me, i don't know. If you do, great. Anyway, i'm starting fresh. I'm currently making a new account, i'll probably add the character name here if i can. Soo hey guys!

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    Default Re: Hellur.

    Hello c: I used to have a Steam, but I couldn't download any games so I just got rid of it.

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    I know it's small.

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