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Title: helloooo

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    Default helloooo

    hey. i'm shredzy.

    not exactly a free realms player myself, but i'm on the other Insider sites so why not join?

    my hobbies include blogging, eating, sleeping, and crying over fictional characters.
    my interests include way too many video games, homestuck, supernatural, etc.
    and i really like taking computers apart like wow

    uh im really bad at these intro threads so im going to finish this up
    hi :3

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    Default Re: helloooo

    Hello shedzy,

    Welcome to Free Realms Insiders!
    What's that you say? You aren't a player of Free Realms? >gasp<

    That's quite alright though!

    If you ever feel like it why not try out Free Realms (

    There are many quests, games, battles, mini-games, and friends to meet there.

    And it's free! You can sign up with no cost.
    (although some aspects of the game involve real cash, but only if you choose to buy!)

    -Limited IG time due to work-

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    Default Re: helloooo

    Hi Shedzy!

    Welcome to FRI and it alright if you aren't a FR player! You can try out the game anytime you like! If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer!

    Sayonara Free Realms.
    I can be found on DC Universe Online. IGN - Suya
    I can also be found here.

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    Default Re: helloooo

    A fellow Homestuck fan? Can it be? It has been so long! Our kind is rare... Okay done with the weird stuff... You must make a Free Realms so we can be best friends in game (I lied about being done with the weird stuff..)And I also enjoy blogging, eating, video games and crying over fictional characters. ^_^

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    Default Re: helloooo

    Hello nice to meet u

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