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    Default Hello from WI, Home50

    I'll be watching you. I joined FR the first day it was mentioned in WI by Justin. Unfortunately I only had firefox and couldn't actually play. I just started Webkinz 2 months ago and am watching this game for awhile. I suspect my daughter might enjoy this game (age edited). I just got a laptop and am so excited to find that I can play FR. Now if I can figure the new controls with the new game. *laugh* Wonder if I have the special shirt in the game... not even sure where to look. I found my character with a name but no picture. I got the name approval in the mail but didn't go back since I couldn't play.
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    Default Re: Hello from WI, Home50

    Hiya! Welcome to FRI

    If you check the claim window you may find a shirt, or you may find it later. They are being sent out in batches. Glad you can play now!

    PS. here is a video guide on how the claim feature works -


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